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       Shenzhen Jiejing Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Guangming, a world-class science and technology city. It is located in the private industrial park of Matian street, Guangming. The transportation is convenient. The company specializes in the production of ultrasonic cleaning equipment and high-pressure cleaning equipment. The technical and management personnel of the company have many years of experience in mechanical equipment design, production and management, and design, production and service in strict accordance with the ISO9001-2000 standard management system. The JX, JS, JST, JF and JZ series ultrasonic cleaning machines produced by the company adopt imported high-power power modules with stable performance and reliable quality, which can improve the service life of the manufacturers and reduce the production cost. With "clean world" products and excellent after-sales service, it has won praise from users and dealers all over the country.

      As a new technology and process, ultrasonic technology has been gradually mastered by people. With the continuous improvement and improvement of the performance of ultrasonic equipment, it has been effectively applied in machinery, electronics, magnetic materials, light industrial parts, medical industry, vacuum coating, instrumentation, optical industry, semiconductor industry, lighting industry, textile and chemical fiber, electroplating, pharmaceutical machinery and other industries.

      "Jiejing" serves the public based on the principle of "clean" technology, excellence, honesty and trustworthiness, and customer first. The company can customize various non-standard products according to customer requirements. New and old customers are sincerely welcome to visit the company for investigation and guidance or contact us by phone or letter.

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